Dr. Kaajal Rohira
Founder & Promoter
Mindfulness Therapist & Transformational Coach
The spirit behind the Bhakti movement, Dr Kaajal is a renowned Tarot & colour therapist and a mindfulness coach.
Dr Kaajal  is doctorate in naturopathy . She has masters in various holistic sciences like Tarot , Reiki , chakra therapy, ESP (extra sensory perception), affirmation therapy , visualisation therapies , past life regression etc . She has been a motivational speaker for many elite organisations
She has been a life coach & therapist for more than 35 years , unconditionally working in the field of holistic wellness.
Her expertise have been engaged by housewives, students , celebrities , politicians, management gurus and corporate organisations.
As a Founder Trustee of Bhakti World Foundation, commenced  India’s first Digital Online Radio app in spiritual / holistic domain for Global and domestic listeners.
Dr Kaajal won great acclaim with her ‘Selfie with Police’ and ‘Care for the caretaker’ movements which inspired a meaningful and sustained spotlight to bring the people closer to the Mumbai police
“It was my desire to give back to the world the map towards the blissful world of peace. A map that would ensure that any person, scorched in the karmic sun should easily find the oasis of healing to sooth his mind, body and soul. This is the spirit behind all my actions, be it the personal and corporate mindfulness coaching or the global revival of Sanatan through Bhakti World”
– Dr Neelam
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