Chita Lagi Amavaaya

Sravana Amavasya which is also celebrated as Chita Lagi Amavasya in the Shrimandir.
Post by – Arjun Bhattacharyya

Sri Jagannatha, Sri Balabhadra and Srimati Subhadra wear a very special ornament called Chita on Their foreheads for the rest of the year. Only at the time of Anavasar are these ornaments are removed and again on today’s tithi, it is offered back on the foreheads of the Lord.

The chita of Sri Balabhadra is in the shape of an eye and is studded with Lapis Lazuli, Chita of Mother Subhadra is in a diamond shape and is studded with ruby and Sri Jagannathas chita is in a tear drop shape and is studded with a diamond.

A special pitha called the chittau pitha is offered to Their Lordships today.

Amazing are the festivals of Lord Jagannatha! There is a festival for practically everything which Lord does! If He eats, there’s a festival; if He sleeps, there’s a festival; if He walks, there’s a festival;if He has a fight with His consort, there’s a festival and even if a small ornament is offered to the Lord, there’s a festival!! ✨

Utsava priya Bhagavaan Sri Jagannatha ki jai!