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In India the history of graphology date backs in the period of 1581 where “Swami Shri Ramdas” who was Guru of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj , in his DASBODH has described the relationship of handwriting with the personality of the human beings in the ‘Dashak’ 19 : ‘Samas’ 1 where the whole chapter has been devoted to “Lekhan kriya”

It is also called Graphology, Handwriting analysis or Brain writing.

Graphology is claimed to be useful for everything from understanding  health issues, morality and past experience to hidden talents and mental problems.It is an expression of the whole personality. Writing expressive movements and their movements has their meanings and interpretations. 


Graphology can be used for individuals or commercial organizations. An individual can use it as a key to unlock the potential within themselves and for their improvement and it can be of a very important aid for commercial organizations as it’s the people running the commercial organizations that determine the success or failure of an organization. It is especially important for personnel in key appointments. To get the right person with the right ‘mix’ of knowledge and personality attribute for the right job is crucial to the success of the organization. Graphology will be of great help in this area.

Aristotle wrote “spoken words are the symbols of mental experience, and written words are the symbol of spoken words.”


The window to your soul 

Do we really know what we are ? 

Do we know the infinite potential that is waiting to be discovered inside us ? 

Turn to Lekhan kriya/Graphology , the ancient art of handwriting analysis to unravel the layers of your character. 

Let the insights that guide you in your physical , mental  emotional , financial and spiritual aspirations . 

Our Graphologist panel is carefully handpicked based on their body of work and current lifestyle which needs to be Sattvic and meditative.

Dr Neelam mentors this panel to ensure that they not only give you greater clarity but also to ensure they themselves grow to become more evolved graphologists. 

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Lekhan Kriya / Graphology

(Purpose of analysis) & its application:

Today in India it is slowly been acknowledged but in many countries e.g. France, China and Germany, today it is widely used as a tool in human resource management.


  1. It is the study of character and personality through the analysis of pen stroke formation used in handwriting.
  2. When people are under mask, the true picture revealed.
  3. Helps to improve the organizing ability.
  4. Helps to understand yourself and the employees. 
  5. Helps in finding whether one has an artistic or scientific tendency and proper relocation in career planning 
  6. Helps un recurrent – promotion. 
  7. Helps you proactively guard your / employee’s health.
  8. Helps to determine the suitability of job applicants as handwriting tells us a great deal about them, helps us to assess their character and potential.
  9. It helps to find a compatible partner, marriage compatibility 
  10. It helps to find motivated employees.
  11. Graphology is thus regarded as an important tool for hiring the right person.


Don’ts of Graphology

  1. A person’s handwriting does not reveal chronological age.
  2. A person’s handwriting does not reveal sex.
  3. A person’s handwriting does not reveal profession.
  4. A person’s handwriting does not reveal race or ethnic origin.
  5. A person’s handwriting does not reveal their future.
  6. Does not uncover a writer’s past 
  7. Does not cover the nationality.

Underlying Factors:

Given below are the factors on which we based our analysis from the given script and signature.

  1. Zone 
  2. Baseline
  3. Slant
  4. Size – width and height 
  5. Pressure – thickness of pen stole
  6. Strokes
  7. Spacing – word and line spacing 
  8. Margins
  9. Connectivity
  10. Regularity 
  11. Style – letter forms
  12. Letter forms 
  13. Ornamentation
  14. Doodles

For example: 


It shows an expression of emotion, it indicates how one expresses his/her emotions e.g. open-mindedness, argumentative etc.



Upper Zone: indicates our ides/hopes, our ethics, spiritual aspirations.

Middle Zone: It relates to the interpersonal skills and its effectiveness.

Lower Zone: reflects the depth of our instinctual drives and our feelings

Why would you choose Graphology?

Personal Development

Awareness is the first step towards development. Graphology gives clear insights to your individuality. It earmarks your strengths not only on your conscious level but also on the sub-conscious level. It gives indications to those areas which act as stumbling block in the overall personal evolution.

Careers and Finance

Graphology can be beneficial in showing the strengths of the writer, and positive and practical in helping to boost the self-esteem. Finance has a direct correlation without attitudes and graphology gives a clear blue print into charting a more successful future.

Children and Studies

Every child is unique and with the help of graphology, a parent or a teacher can understand a child’s inherent personality. By getting information about children’s personality traits, a parent/teacher can work towards developing interpersonal skills and building a strong personality. With analysis parents can ensure that a career option is not imposed on a child and he/she chooses a path that is most suitable according to his/her personality. This will ensure greater level of professional success in a child’s life.


Graphology can play a useful role in assisting individuals to recognize some of their own emotions as well as those of their friends, family, and working colleagues. Being aware of our attitudes gives as the chance to learn what we feel, and perhaps even become aware of its origins.

Love and Relationships

Graphology  can help a couple in building a cordial relationship by helping at various levels. Not only do handwriting analysis help in identifying compatibility, a couple can gain immense satisfaction at personal levels by getting to know each other better. Handwriting analysis helps in improving understanding between a couple, Checking life partner compatibility, finding a solution to stressful marriage and Improving interpersonal bond in a relationship.


Some Frequently asked question regarding Graphology

If we base on the principle of handwriting that states that “handwriting is brain-writing”, ideally there should not be any effect on the interpretation, regardless of whether the writer if lest-handed or right-handed. It does not matter even if he wrote it with his/her foot our mouth.

It’s the brain that willed the handwriting to look a certain way, not the hand.

It is especially true if the lefties wrote the script in a position that he/she feels completely comfortable and in control. 

Similar explanation is valid for a right-handed writer.

The information such as handedness, age and gender are required generally for record purpose and to aid in future research, it is also because graphology generally cannot determine for sure about a person’s handedness, age and gender. A person may be a male but has personality that has been stereotyped by the particular society to be famine. An old man may be young at heart, and a young person may be comparatively mature for her real age.

It is an invaluable aid to the human resource department it’s the people running the commercial organization that determines the success or failure of an organization. It is especially important for personnel in key appointments. To get the right person with the right ‘mix’ of knowledge and personality attribute for the right job is crucial to the success of the organization. Graphology will be of great help in this area.

Graphology can analyze a person’s personality without his knowledge that he is being analyzed. This reduces the possibility of inaccuracies due to conscious or unconscious effort by the subject to affect the result. Distortion of the result due to the subject’s knowledge that he/she is being analyzed is common in most Question-Answer type of personality analysis tools. Some tools may claims to have better precision, but since a person is growing and changing dynamically every second, high precision is not really helpful. It’s better to use graphology to analyses the handwriting of a pure untainted subject, rather than to put the subject under unnatural stress of a long questionnaire. Secondly, a single personality questionnaire may reveal a single dimension of personality. But two handwriting samples of the same person at different occasion may reveal different behavior characteristics 

Utilizing this accurate method of character assessment has several advantages in assisting corporations and organization: 

  • Employees can gain insights into their own personalities, giving them a better understanding of themselves and others. A detailed employee character assessment can be used as working document for self-development and professional growth.
  • Strengths and weakness can be identified , as well as areas of potential talents and skills. 
  • Communications between and within employee teams can be enhanced.

Other Important uses of graphology:

  1. Building strategic customer relationship 
  2. Improving margins
  3. Increasing profitability
  4. Generating growth 
  5. Increasing sales volume
  6. Improving individual customer profitability 
  7. Increasing sales of specific products and services 
  8. Enhancing brand images
  9. Enhancing company’s image
  10. Improving market share 
  11. Creating entry barriers for competitors
  12. Improving supply chain influence 
  13. Extending global reach 


Get Your Graphology Analysis Done.
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