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Making the right decision can make the difference between success and failure, Personal happiness and frustrations. Tarot is a tool that can be used to assist your decision-making. It is designed not to replace free will but instead to help you in the use of your free will. By using Tarot you get additional information when important decisions are to be made.


Tarot is not just about predicting the future, that is just one aspect of Tarot. It is a divination tool. It can be used to highlight the spiritual cause of events and shed light on the lessons we stand to learn from the challenges set before us.

It helps us to decide the most suitable course of action, when to move, listen, when to wait or look at another direction entirely.

Tarot Reader

Tarot is a very intuitive science which relies on in-depth knowledge, experience & high intuitive presence. 

Your Tarot reading are personally attended to by Dr. Neelam who is a renowned authority on this subject with over 30 years of experience. She also has been guiding people online by reading there cards and having discussions over the phone.

Her Tarot reading are followed all over the world by students, housewives, celebrities, politicians, entrepreneurs, management gurus and even corporate organizations.

What Do Tarot Card Tells You

Tarot readings help a person understand what he or she needs to know about a particular situation. Decks are best used as a tool of inner wisdom and guidance, as readings give a person insight to past, current and future events based on the person’s current path at the time of the reading. Dr Neelam uses Rider Waite tarot deck.

Tarot Workshops

Basic / Advanced Tarot

Unlock your potential by learning and understanding Tarot cards and reading .


Topics covered in workshop

  • Understanding of Tarot cards
  • Advice and Insights that the Tarot cards denote
  • Interpretation of the Tarot cards
  • Interpretation of the Tarot spreads
  • Using Tarot deck as a Divination , Meditation and Self help tool
  • Training be a light and energy worker

Training to be a Tarot card reader

Psychological Tarot

The workshop course allows the student to drive deeper in the symbolic map of consciousness of the Tarot Cards which helps in self growth.


  • Understanding your own personal power and potential
  • Decoding relationships
  • Understanding personalities of self and others
  • Solving problems with awareness
  • Awakening and healing inner child
  • In self evolution

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