Purvesh Krishna Shelatkar

Purvesh has been an inspiring story of an outstanding multifaceted individual with core disciplines of proficiency being astrology and finance.

A firm practitioner in astrology as a science, Purvesh stands apart due to his ability to relate basics of multiple disciplines to proactive assessment of situations and providing timely remedies for any type of trouble.

Purvesh brings with himself a lethal combination of astrology and finance. His accuracy in forecasts in both these abstract disciplines defies probabilistic variations. While his skills in astrology come from an early interest in the discipline. He is trained professional in finance with formal management degree in Finance. What further makes him valuable is his experience as a practitioner and the intersection of these two fields and his deep engagement in the field of management education and social reengineering.

Purvesh is networked in cross lateral strata of society with these multiple engagements. Most of the time bringing his expertise and network as a “problem solver” or “exit route during trouble”.
His work in the field of water, education, health and women empowerment makes him a valuable societal resource.

Bhakti World is privileged with his association as a key resource in terms of setting our sight to bigger good while further strengthening our core values of devotion, purity, intensity and a bigger well-being of the whole.

Not only is his association as a mentor and guide in our strategic journey but also his engagement as spiritual associate and “clean mantra” recital make him our most precious resource.