Proposed Alternative remedy is merely “Faith healing” and does not diagnose or prescribe or replace the services of authorised medical practitioner(s). In the event the user thereof practices the alternative remedy and goes off with their mandated prescriptions that have been advised by their respective medical Doctors and / or practitioners, the responsibility is considerately and expressly is of the said user and not of Bhakti World Trust and / or of the Companies or of the associated companies. Further , it should not be misconstrued to mean, imply or indicate that the products or programs described herein cure or inoculate anything and explicitly no such claims are made.

And further , Bhakti World’s Trustees, directors of its affiliates and / or associated companies , authorised agents and employees make no warranties or representations whatsoever regarding the quality , completeness, suitability , adequacy , sequences, accuracy etc of the contents of alternative remedies as the same being existing since time immemorial.